How to wear classic Adidas pants with high heels

You’ll probably remember our together work – “It girl”  with  Mouradova😎. I dreamed exactly this appearance that time, but couldn’t make it because of pregnancy.

Now, during the big four fashion week month, I decided to show my kind of “it” style, as Fashion weeks call all It girls from all over the world who are famous for their style.

It seems white is gonna be one of the hit colors in ankle boots during this winter. To wear it in high fashion way you can appreciate your sporty pants. So do I.

I picked this blazer which is two sizes larger to me from my mother’s wardrobe and wore it on mesh top in order to add a chic touch to the total look. It’s like “well, I am a lady even in my Adidas pants”.

Although it is winter already, my straw addiction is not over yet. So I thought a black iconic straw bag would match perfectly to my outfit.

So, that is “It”, the street is calling. 💋

I AM WEARING: Pants- Adidas (Courir Baku) | BAG: Zara | SHOES: New Yorker | TOP: Calliope | HAT: Stradivarius

With love,


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