Love you, Universe!

We recently made our way to İsmayilli- very green and beautiful district of Azerbaijan to have a new photoshoot for an amazing  Osgoue Jewellery.

Undoubtedly, there is a gipsy ( hipster or whatever you may call a girl with a free spirit who will never grow up) soul in the deepest side of my heart, so I imagined gipsy style top and skirt set when I saw these authentic earrings for the first time.

What a great fortune that İsmayilli welcomed us with its outstanding grass field and a lonely oak tree in it. Nothing could be better!

I have so many unexplained and weird feelings about that photo shoot day in partly cloudy and sunny day which made me think about the whole universe and our ridiculously small place in it.

“Osgoue” named after Osku- an antique town of Tabriz. The owner of the brand inspires from the energy of the universe, nature, antique creatures, and anything else that makes our world meaningful.

Happy and grateful to be part of this amazing journey.

Hope you enjoyed!

I am wearing: Top and skirt- Trendyol| Hat: Bershka| Earring: Osgoue
Photography: Gulshan Nerimanli

With love,


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