The secret of stylish and fit women

It is a common dream of almost all women: to be trendy and fit. But to achieve these two goals is not an easy task.

Well, actually it is easy in theory: you should follow trends,  own your unique style, eat healthily,  drink water and do your exercises regularly.

There is a misunderstanding about trying to be stylish, as you can hear the reaction from others- ” You’d rather be healthy: it is more important.”

As Osho mentioned in his book “Gold future” it is better for  human to focus on his/her both inner and exterior world at the same time. Well, it worth to try.

Do I now the secret? Of course no, I am from the Earth.

As I mentioned above it worth to try and I am trying. How?

  1. Wear love, wear freedom– is the first motto.  I adore when I feel what i wear, it may sound weirdly. But the life becomes more meaningful if you have your own philosophy about everything.
I am wearing: Top- Berska| Jeans: Bershka| Shoes:Bershka| Sunnies: Ebay| Bag: Poppy Gallery| Rings:I am
Photography: Gulshan Nerimanli

2. The beauty is in the details. I love brainstorming on details with great passion,as it makes us beautiful, healthy, clever. Does not matter  the problem is fashion or household stuff. I can show you fashion details for now:) Yes, let be stylish!

3. Smile, smile, smile. If you want to argue, let me know!

4. Eat healthily. You can read and hear from everywhere- “Drink more water , eat less junk”.  I will not repeat. Just a little note: If you have a chocolate obsession like me Herbalife Nutrition- Protein bar is perfect to replace with it.

5. Show your emotions whatever it is. It will make “you”, the unique you. It will make you and stylish, and healthy.

This points are not gonna make you stylish and fit directly, but they help you to bring positive energy into your life.


With love,


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