2017-2018 Winter fashion trends in case of Chanel ready-to-wear collection

Life is good when trends tend to bring comfort to our life. Of course it is quite complicated to be cozy, funny and glamorous at the same time.  No doubt, you all saw 2017-2018 Winter ready-to-wear collections of high street brands. My favorite one was Chanel. Why? If you are curious, keep scrolling down the article.

Because Chanel seemed to me the one who achieved to bring comfortableness, glam and fun together in one collection. 

  1. It is comfy.

Quilted and a little bit padded suites looks so cozy, that one can wear and fall asleep with them anywhere,anytime. And this season Chanel rocks with huge and quilted rough material bags too.


2. It’s interesting and quite funny

We can see cosmos details in luxury brand collections in this season. My credits went to Chanel in this case too 🙂 See, how amazing they are. Also I adored sterling silver trend, especially in oversize and weird crop-jackets.


3. It’s elegant and glamorous. 

How you can imagine seasonal fashion show without sparkle? Take a note: Glitter and delicate fringe is in!

You can think the show was poor in color side. No! :

Photos are taken from Vogue Magazine

I hope you enjoyed. Let me know about your thoughts 2017-2018 winter trends.

With love,


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